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A look back at the year 2021...

If there is one lesson that 2021 has taught me, it is this: you have to take it easy.

After months of over-activity, going from left to right, sleepless nights, lack of sleep and so on, I found myself completely tired and drained of all my energy. And when I say "drained of all my energy", it was to the point where I didn't want to see anyone, where contact with others exhausted me, and I just wanted to spend time with myself. It took about 4 months in total to get my energy back completely, and to be operational again. A period I will never forget, and which above all allowed me to learn to spare my time and energy.

As a person who does a lot of introspection, I wanted to analyse myself and to see how you ended up in this situation.

I was then able to:

  • Analyse where and how I lose energy, 
  • Thinking and writing down all the things that make me gain energy,
  • Analyse my time management.

The balance sheet was clear, I was wasting more energy than I was gaining, I was spending more time spending and giving without ensuring that my tank was not emptied.

And I think this is so real and common to many of us: sometimes we can get so caught up in our agenda, activities, expectations and needs of others, that we forget about ourselves, we forget to take care of ourselves.

And when it comes to taking care of myself, here's what I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to be in that situation again: 

  • Not always being surrounded,
  • Make sure that once a week I can do something ALONE that gives me energy, 
  • Take me on a regular date, 
  • Have a limit of people to see per week,
  • Choose the activities well, I don't have to be everywhere,
  • Take the time to sleep, don't pull all-nighters or sleep for 4 hours all the time, even if it doesn't prevent you from being operational.


All these things that I could see and write in October/November 2021, I put in place from the beginning of 2022, with regular reporting* to keep a certain discipline, and to make sure that they are not just resolutions that would only last one month...

*So I have several notes in my phone that include:

  • The number and names of people I saw each week, 
  • My activities per week, 
  • My time alone and what I did.

And I can tell you that these resolutions have made a difference in my year 2022. Which one? I have gained stamina.

As someone I care about had told me, instead of burning out and having to take big breaks to recover, this tip allowed me to continue running my marathon of life, while taking those mini-breaks on a regular basis, and making sure I was never empty so I was always able to give and spend wisely. And when I look back at how my 2022 year went, with everything that needed to be done, I think, "HAPPY that these adjustments were made!"

Tips and adjustments that I will continue to perpetuate in the future and which I hope will inspire you and make you realise that your condition matters, and indeed everything you are able to produce and give depends on it.

With love,

The Christianista 

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"The Christianista", my real name is Christelle, I am a 27 year old christian currently living in Belgium.


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