My Projects

From my desire to see others find and excel in their path, the platform was born DARE TO DREAM.  


For there is more to our lives than we can imagine - EPHESIANS 3:20 

The DARE TO DREAM platform will first mission to set up events to help us discover, advance, excel in our path and in the realisation of our dreams and projects.   

The first event of the platform was the "DARE TO DREAM" Conference which took place on 8 October 2022 in Brussels with LUC DUMONT and AIMCY as speakers. 

 The objectives of the conference were to  

  1. To make us realise that we are all here for a purpose; 
  2. To make us aware of our potential, our gifts and our talents;
  3. To be equipped to pursue and realize our dreams and projects;
  4. To encourage us to see further, to dare to dream.

Until the next event, the DARE TO DREAM conference is available for purchase!