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"King Richard" a real crush!

"KING RICHARD" or "the Williams method" in French, a film I saw on February 6th and which has greatly influenced and inspired me! 

As a tennis fan, I grew up watching the Williams sisters play, and knowing their career and fame, it was exciting for me to see the story of how they got started! (I love seeing the beginnings of great achievements, it's so inspiring!)

A lot of things stood out for me in this film, but I couldn't share it all with you, so I'll just write the biggest points character by character...


Richard, the father.

It was very interesting to see a movie about him because I remember at every sister's game he was always in the audience, the Williams sisters' dad, their fan. So when I saw that the film was going to be about him and the plan he had for his daughters I found it so interesting.

"It started with a vision and ended in triumph

He was a visionary. And what a visionary!

From the beginning he had a plan! And he did everything to make his plan work, and it did. He worked hard, he planned everything, he worked hard to make his plan come to life and to accomplish it. And that's something we can learn from: you don't get something for nothing. Having a dream is good, but it's not enough. You need a plan and much more: actions. And throughout the film, as harmful as it was at times, he struggled and fought to make his dream of seeing his daughters at the top level of tennis come true. And he did. And to see the level, the records, the fame of his daughters today, is simply admirable.

Another thing; the way he built his daughters' minds and confidence, is incredible and so beautiful! His support for his daughters, very remarkable without neglecting all the lessons he tried to teach them!

However, I didn't get everything positive out of his character.

The problem I had with him was that it was HIS PLAN, what HE wanted for his daughters. What if his daughters wanted to do something other than tennis? What if they were destined for something other than tennis? Then throughout the film, we see that he makes many decisions based on his own insecurities without taking into consideration the opinions of others (his wife, his daughters themselves).

Let us be careful not to impose OUR dreams, or our insecure decisions on others.

"Every King needs his queen

Oracene, the mother.

I really liked his character, through whom I found myself.

Her husband's unfailing help. It is true that in the end it was Richard's plan, but his plan could not have been carried out without the help of his wife who, although more discreet and hidden, played a decisive role in the accomplishment of the plan.

She has given much, endured much, and most of the time in silence. And the moment we realize this is during their big altercation with Richard. Such a poignant scene and discussion, but one that makes her person and her role noble.

Sometimes the best asset is not the one standing in the foreground.

"Serve your passion, because no one else can do it for you

Venus & Serena Williams.

I was quite happy, but also surprised to discover that the film was more about Venus than Serena. It was interesting to see Serena erased for the duration of the film, while knowing that she is the one whose career speaks for itself, and that's what makes the film even more inspiring for me.

See a small part of what Serena had to go through before becoming the Serena we know today;

Seeing her in the shadow of her sister for all that time, for all those years... I can't imagine how she lived it or how she felt... From the moment you decide to finance Venus, all the matches of her sister she had to attend, knowing that she had so much to give, to see her go to the top level while remaining on the sidelines, while sharing the same ambitions... A mindset and a character that must have been formed.

And the best part of the film for me is the conversation between Serena and her dad from which the following extract is taken: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMFALbtjp/

Richard - I know you love Venus, and it's very exciting, but I'm sure it's hard for you too. Like no one sees you? 

Richard - Let me tell you a secret.

                    Your sister will be world number one. No doubt about it.

Serena I know.

Richard - But you will be the best there ever was, the greatest of all time. 

                   Do you know how I know? Because I planned it. 

                   You have been in the shadow of Venus because I knew it would make you strong,

                   I knew it would make you a fighter. 

                   And look at you now. Your time is coming.

A conversation that takes me to my last, more spiritual point...

Richard was a man with a plan for his girls. A meticulous plan, where he had it all planned out. But he was just a human being.

And we have a God, who tells us in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, plans for peace and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

So if Mum and the sisters had faith in Richard and his plan despite all the ups and downs, the challenges, the difficulties they had to go through to become all that their dad had planned, how much more can we place our faith and trust in the plan, not of a man, but of the One who holds the universe in his hands and promises us a plan of happiness?

Did you see the film? What did it inspire you?


"Greatness is a choice you make, over and over



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