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"Dare to Dream" a new platform

On 8 October, the first DARE TO DREAM conference took place to mark the official launch of the platform.

Where did the idea come from? Why did it happen?

The platform is the answer to my heartbeat: to see people discovering their way, discovering their gifts, talents, and realizing the life mission that God has planned for them.

A heartbeat is clearly something we didn't choose; it's just there, inside us, and it resonates, without us wanting it to. I remember a while ago, I think it was two years ago, someone tweeted "I see others, but I have no talent". A sentence that had marked me and that I have never forgotten, until today, because all I wanted to do was to shake the person and say: "It's impossible that you don't have talent! You just have to find it.

"Dare to dream", a message that I carry and that I unknowingly translated in different ways in my daily life.

There are indeed many things in my life that seemed trivial, but when put together, make so much sense today. And I hope one day to share them with you.

But to get back to the DARE TO DREAM platform, the story started with the idea of the conference.


Back in 2019, I had just launched my blog and was thinking about the 1 year party I would be hosting in 2020. For this, I didn't just want my guests to come and celebrate me, I also wanted to send them a message to "DARE TO DREAM". I wanted to encourage them to pursue the dreams and projects they had at heart. But in order for the message to carry, I wanted to invite Aimcy (the conference speaker) as her background and experience is admirable and gives weight to the "DARE to DREAM" message.

An idea then crossed my mind in 2020, that of not limiting this message to my guests, but of widening the audience, and of making it a conference. An idea that never left me (in spite of myself) and which, by the grace of God, finally came to fruition in this year 2022.

From the very beginning of the preparations for the conference, I was aware that it was not just a conference in itself, but that it was part of something bigger, part of a bigger vision.

I was able to develop this vision in advance of the conference.

So what is the vision of the DARE TO DREAM platform?

In the first instance, this platform will be designed to produce different types of events that will aim to help others find, excel and achieve in their path.

Why events? Combining my gift with my heartbeat is the best thing I can give to this world.

The platform has only just been launched, I don't know what the future holds, but I can't wait to see what God will do through it...

Thank you to all the people who supported, worked on, supported and participated in the first event, which could not have been what it was without you!

The adventure has only just begun,

The Christianista

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"The Christianista", my real name is Christelle, I am a 27 year old christian currently living in Belgium.


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