The Christianista

"The Christianista", my real name is Christelle, 

I am a 27 year old Christian currently living in Belgium. 

The story started with my love for social networks through which I loved to share my daily life and adventures. From there, my blog was created in 2019. A channel that allows me to continue to share, and express myself in another format.  

However, blogging is not my one and only activity. 

I have always been passionate about events and communication. For several years I had the opportunity to practice these passions on various occasions until I trained and made them my profession. 

Another passion? The world of video; a world that fascinates me and that I continue to explore on a daily basis.

My heartbeat: Seeing others find their way. This is what led me to set up the "DARE TO DREAM 

I also have a Youtube channel "The Christianista". 

What else do you need to know about me? Introverted, good vibe and good atmosphere,  jI love the dolce vita, travelling, tennis and TV shows.  

My three mottos:  

"There is always a solution" 

"You only live once" 

 "One day at a time"