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3 good reasons to watch "Break Point"

A few weeks ago, on 13 January to be exact, the first part of a documentary series was released on Netflix: "Break Point". 

What is it about?

It is a documentary series, which immerses us in the world of tennis by following the greatest players of the new generation ON and OFF court. A series that allows us to get inside their heads and learn more about the realities of the sport.

As a tennis fan, I was looking forward to this documentary and enjoyed it very much, but the reason I am writing about it today is because I believe that this series is not only for tennis fans, on the contrary!

So here is 3 good reasons why I think the Break Point series should be watched:

1. We learn more about tennis

Although tennis is one of the most popular sports, many people don't know much about it! And for those who don't know anything about it, this series is an excellent way to dive into the heart of this world, to learn more about men's and women's tennis, and to discover the most famous/important tournaments because the documentary follows mainly the 4 biggest tournaments of the year, called "the Grand Slams". 

And even for those who know tennis, it's still interesting to be able to see the "behind the court", and to be able to get into the heads of players we are already used to following. This documentary is also an excellent way to discover the new generation of players.


"The thing is, tennis really pushes you to the limit..."

2. Drawing on the mental strength of the players

In addition to seeing the life of the players on the court, the documentary also follows the life of these players "off" the court and their psychology.

A way to discover the realities of a tennis player; what they face on a daily basis. A way to discover the level of pressure players have to endure, the loneliness they face and finally, to realise how much their mental health is under attack. 

This documentary allows us to be inspired by their challenges in our own lives, and we are ultimately led to respect and get admiration for this sport and its players.

"His mental toughness is unbelievable."


3. Be inspired by the older generation

The documentary focuses on the players of the new generation, which allows it to be topical. But beyond that, the documentary allows us to connect to the older generation through the discourse and point of view of the new generation, who, through their words, pay a beautiful tribute to the old ones. It then allows us to realise the extent of the footprint and impact they have left; something to learn from and be inspired by.

Hopefully these three points will make you want to watch the "Break Point" series! Don't hesitate to give me feedback if you do.

With love,

The Christianista

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