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2022- The recap in 31 questions!

Each year I usually make a personal assessment of my year, and since the birth of the blog I also share with you a summary article of the year.

This year's recap will be a little different;

Throughout December, I've been sharing a question a day on my Instagram account (@the.christianista) to review the past year. So for this 2022 retrospective article, I'm just going to answer all 31 questions.

DAY 1- 3 things you are grateful for this year

  1. My loved ones with whom I spent my quality time this year. Without them, my year 2022 would not have been the same!
  2. It has not been an easy year by any means. As such, I am grateful to have survived the 2022 process!
  3. I am grateful that I have been able to accomplish and achieve the main goals of my 2022 year.


DAY 2- If you had the opportunity to come back in January and give yourself one piece of advice for the year, what would it be?

"Hold on tight, really tight because it's going to be harder than you think."

DAY 3- Your favourite month of the year

At first it was March for the vibe, but in the end it's December! Too many good times and nice surprises.

DAY 4- Your least favourite month of the year

June. A month that was too intense emotionally and mentally.

DAY 5- A song that made your year

"Mary did you know" by Maverick City. I started listening to it in February and it has been a regular feature of my year, especially helping me to persevere and not give up on what I need to do.

DAY 6 - Your best memory of the year 

Roland Garros. I will never forget the smile and the emotions with which I entered and left this stadium.

DAY 7 - What has had the biggest impact on your year?

The Dare to Dream conference. 

She was the centre and the first goal of my year 2022. And my life literally changed with it.

DAY 8- Your verse of the year?

"Do you not discern this new day of destiny breaking fourth around you?... Signs of my purposes and plan bursting forth... Budding vines... New life... There is change in the air."

Song of Songs 2:13 The Passion Translation

DAY 9 - The people you have enjoyed spending the most time with this year

I'll keep them anonymous but I can't thank them enough for all the moments they had!

DAY 10- 3 words to describe your year 

Growth - lessons - deadlines

DAY 11 - What new habits have you adopted this year? 

Regular time spent with myself.

DAY 12 - What would you have done differently this year

I would have undertaken additional training.

DAY 13 - A moment of the year you would like to relive

The day I went to Maccasy's offices to work on the editing of my conference.

DAY 14- Your best encounters of the year 

Aimcy and Luc Dumont. I don't think I've realised yet the incredible quality time we had and the deep discussions we had. I don't think I realise enough that I met them and connected with them.

DAY 15 - Your film of the year

I would say "King Richard". A film to learn from! 

DAY 16- 3 words to describe the opposite of your year

Peaceful - chill - fun 

DAY 17 - The thing you are most proud of this year

For completing the Dare to Dream conference project; it was much more than a conference.

DAY 18 - The funniest moment of this year

THE moment I don't know, but definitely the moments and conversations with my little brother.

UPDATE 19- What has inspired you the most this year?

  • Rafael Nadal's Australian Open final 
  • His quarter-final match at Wimbledon against Taylor Fitz
  • Seeing someone close to me not give up and continue to fight against all odds
  • The Playlist series!!!
  • My day at Maccasy
  • The films 'King Richard', 'The Woman King


DAY 20 - What were the important events of your year?

The Dare to Dream conference, the French Open, the birth of my niece, updating my website.

DAY 21 - The positive things of this year

My growth, I really grew.

DAY 22- The best thing anyone has said to you this year

"A bubble is good for recharging your batteries, not for living in. A bubble is too small for you."

I don't know if that's the best thing anyone's said to me this year, but it certainly made an impression on me.

DAY 23 - What makes you different from the person you were in January?

All the pain, the stretching, the pressure, the challenges I've been through this year, which have made me grow and do things I didn't think I was capable of doing. 

DAY 24- What is the bravest thing you have done this year?

The achievement of the Dare to Dream conference, I was very far from my comfort zone.

DAY 25- What didn't go as planned this year? Why didn't it happen?

All the goals I had set for myself. 

Why? Some because I didn't necessarily pursue them, others because sometimes you make plans and then life takes care of readjusting them.

DAY 26 - Lessons you have learned this year 

The ones I choose to share with you:

  • In your lowest moments, the crowd will leave you
  • Loyalty is a rare virtue
  • Until it's over, it's not over
  • The impossible is possible


DAY 27- What goals have you achieved this year?

This year I had 3 main goals for which I had to give everything I had to make them happen.

  1. The Dare to Dream conference was to be held
  2. Going to the French Open (that's how I wrote it down but the real goal was to see Nadal at the French Open)
  3. It's a personal thing so I won't say what it is but the target was reached, somewhere in December.


DAY 28- How would you rate this year?

11/10. Despite all the challenges and mental break-downs I've been through, I don't think I realise enough what an incredible year I've had and how much I've been able to achieve. And I know that nothing is random, and that if God has allowed me to go through this process, it is because He knows why. And when I look at my life story, I know I can trust Him. 

DAY 29 - Things to improve for next year?

All I'm going to say is that there is work to be done.

DAY 30- What are your expectations for next year?

New opportunities, new meetings, I want to be POSITIVELY surprised. But I know it's not going to be an easy year and I'm ready for that, ready to keep fighting and become who God intended me to be.

DAY 31- Your word for the next year?


With that, I wish you all a happy 2023, may it be nothing but what God has planned for you!

With love,

The Christianista

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  1. Happy New Year Chrichri d'amour. You are an amazing person. I wouldn't be surprised to see you at the top ❤

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"The Christianista", my real name is Christelle, I am a 27 year old christian currently living in Belgium.


2 Responses

  1. Happy New Year Chrichri d'amour. You are an amazing person. I wouldn't be surprised to see you at the top ❤

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